Translation services

A close service, with name and surname

The translation service in Andorra

I offer a professional service, close and personalized so that your project, whatever it is, obtains the results you want. In this section you can check what are the main services that I can offer you.

I translate from Catalan, French, Spanish and English to these same languages.

If you still have any questions, just contact me and explain to me in detail what type of translation you need.

1) Sworn translations in Andorra

Official documents, with stamp and signature of the translator

I carry out sworn translations of certificates of all kinds, from birth certificates to language certificates.

I also translate deeds, all kinds of deeds, contracts (articles of association, deeds of sale, mortgage deeds, etc.) and bidding conditions.

2) Translations of general documents of all kinds

Unofficial documents, without stamp or signature of the translator

Of course, I carry out any kind of translation, from journal articles to user guides, through informative publications, etc. Anything that needs to be translated, I translate it.

3) Website translations

Any online document

Nowadays, almost any company has a website, but the other thing is that it has the necessary translations to bring the message to the potential audience. If you have a website and you want to translate it, please contact me.